February 27, 2012

Ant Bot

Stretching my wings a little and trying out machine designs, which surprisingly turned out to be interesting for me. :)

These were done in about 2 hours.

February 14, 2012

The Dragon Girl ~ Continued

Yet another Kiyohime sketch! I'm liking this design a lot though I think it needs much more work. But the colours read nicely and it looks a lot more powerful than the first one. This was just a 2-3 hour sketch, so I kept it loose.
Her kimono might go through several revisions, and I might add some more scales/colour transformation onto the face. All in all, looking better. :)

Happy Valentine's Day! :3

February 3, 2012

Now for some Life Drawing...

Thank you, models, for giving us some great poses! These were all done this past month, and I'm pleased to say that my sketching style is finally starting to develop into something I enjoy (and something that makes sense of the anatomy)! (...I need so much practice...)

This also marks my 50th post on Cecilia's Little Sketchblog! It is near to the 1st anniversary since I started scribbling on here, so thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout this year! You are all full of awesome! :)